• YQA Alternative Report at the 121st Session of the UN Human Rights Committee Find in link Alternative Report prepared by the Young Queer Alliance for the consideration of the United Nations Human Rights Committee as an additional source of information to the fifth periodic report of the Republic of Mauritius (CCPR/C/MUS/5) Read More

  • Our partners & donors Since 2014, YQA has been working with local organisations, in regional networks and with international donors to meaningfully impact on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) individuals in the Republic of Mauritius. Read more below to know about us. Read More

  • PRIDE 2017: THANK YOU The team of the Young Queer Alliance would like to thank you for joining our activities for the two days of the Pride 2017 at Caudan Read More

  • Initiation to Badminton As part of enabling safe and healthy spaces for queer youth, join YQA EVERY SUNDAYS from 13:00 - 15:00 at the Rivière du Rempart Youth Centre for badminton. Free for all. Bring your shuttlecock, sportswear, water, towel and badminton! For more information: Read More

  • YQA executive Committee Meeting - Sunday, 27th May 2018 The Young Queer Alliance invites its office bearers and sub-committee representatives to its executive Committee meeting. Follow-link for details: Read More

  • HIV & STI Prevention A young person? A men having sex with men? Young LGBT residing anywhere in Mauritius? Meet the Young Queer Alliance Team for Condom and Lube distribution and information on HIV and STIs. Check out the events section for our different schedules or to fix an appointment. Read More

  • Young Queer Alliance

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    • Eric Whitaker (U.S. Department of State)

      I find the youngsters of Young Queer Alliance very creative and I welcome this shelter project in Mauritius. Congratulations for this beautiful project that I will surely narrate at Washington. 

    • Saarvesh Doorjean (Peer Outreach, YQA)

      I am so proud of us. I have learnt many things and got to know many people working with the Young Queer Alliance. A big thank you and the team at YQA.

    • Aldo Dell'Ariccia (European Union)

      I took the opportunity to comment the initiative of the Young Queer Alliance for launching a national campaign theme "Equality for All", and thank the members of the association for their determination and dynamism.

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