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You have your Bac or HSC results in hands and still figuring where to go for higher studies... Or you already chose…  Still how about a little take on a Canadian University? It never hurts to check, does it? Our pick is the St Francis Xavier University.



An overview of St. Francis Xavier University
 by Erica Moore

St. Francis Xavier University (founded 1853) is one of Canada’s finest universities

"St. Francis Xavier University (founded 1853) is one of Canada’s finest universities, combining a high-quality learning experience with an extraordinary residential campus. Students live and learn in the spirit of academic excellence, community development, and social justice. Small classes with a high level of faculty interaction and hands-on research opportunities are hallmarks of StFX. Students choose from programs that encourage broad, substantive learning experiences in arts, science, business and education. Faculty members participate in an inclusive learning culture with students, supporting student success both inside and outside the classroom.

The first University in Canada to have a formal Service Learning program

The first University in Canada to have a formal Service Learning program, StFX holds leadership, community development, social justice and global awareness as institutional values. Nearly 90% of first-year students and 50% of all StFX students live in residence on campus. The immersive residence environment strengthens the bond between students and is at the heart of the StFX experience. Students come to StFX to lay the groundwork, they leave ready to change the world. Enrolment – 4,200

Admission requirements vary between programs. Generally, all applicants must have completed English and four other academic subjects with a minimum grade of B at the ordinary level. In addition, four GCE Advanced Subsidiary level or two Advanced level examinations of grades A, B, or C are normally required for admission. StFX may award university credit for selected A levels completed with a grade of C or better.

86% of our graduates find employment in their field within 6 months

On campus, we employ 1/3 of our student body for jobs across campus. Upon graduation, 86% of our graduates find employment in their field within 6 months. For students who are navigating their study interests and deciding on what to pursue at university, I would recommend they follow their passion and interests, and they will succeed in their program. At StFX, we have a liberal arts degree so students can focus their studies on a particular area of interest, while taking additional subjects in other areas of their choice.”


Erica Moore, Recruitment and Admissions StFX

Furthermore it should be noted that StFX does not discriminate towards LGBT and even have an LGBT Advising body which provides assistance as well as advocating for LGBT people. Morever  it  includes clubs such as the X-Pride which makes StFX really an LGBT-friendly institution

Here is a video overview of the beautiful campus : 


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  • Eric Whitaker (U.S. Department of State)

    I find the youngsters of Young Queer Alliance very creative and I welcome this shelter project in Mauritius. Congratulations for this beautiful project that I will surely narrate at Washington. 

  • Saarvesh Doorjean (Peer Outreach, YQA)

    I am so proud of us. I have learnt many things and got to know many people working with the Young Queer Alliance. A big thank you and the team at YQA.

  • Aldo Dell'Ariccia (European Union)

    I took the opportunity to comment the initiative of the Young Queer Alliance for launching a national campaign theme "Equality for All", and thank the members of the association for their determination and dynamism.

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