Survey: Capacity Assessment of Youth-Led organizations in the HIV/SRHR response

The PACT, a global coalition of youth-led and youth serving organizations and networks working on HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights, recently launched #uproot in May 2017. #Uproot is a global, youth-led political agenda aimed at ending AIDS by 2030 and advancing the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people by tackling the root causes that jeopardize young people’s health, including discrimination, violence, exclusion and inequalities.

#Uproot is leading a capacity assessment to better understand the needs and strengths of youth networks related to youth organizing, and provide recommendations on the way forward.This as a need to leverage the necessary technical and organizational support to ensure that  youth led organizations working on HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)  organize, mobilize, advocate and hold their governments accountable.

The following survey targets youth led organizations and networks across the world that work on HIV and SRHR.

Click link to access survey.

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  • Eric Whitaker (U.S. Department of State)

    I find the youngsters of Young Queer Alliance very creative and I welcome this shelter project in Mauritius. Congratulations for this beautiful project that I will surely narrate at Washington. 

  • Saarvesh Doorjean (Peer Outreach, YQA)

    I am so proud of us. I have learnt many things and got to know many people working with the Young Queer Alliance. A big thank you and the team at YQA.

  • Aldo Dell'Ariccia (European Union)

    I took the opportunity to comment the initiative of the Young Queer Alliance for launching a national campaign theme "Equality for All", and thank the members of the association for their determination and dynamism.

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